This week’s Test Mercedes-Benz GLA 200

This week’s Test Mercedes-Benz GLA 200
Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level model, A series of rises through the GLA, SUV class to the most convenient way to reach the Mercedes-Benz logo shows.
German manufacturer of compact premium SUV class with the position of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, A-series platform rising. Two vehicle axle distances are the same, the GLA’s bulging bumpers, A Series of 125 mm long depth. GLA is not onlylonger but also 61 mm higher design. Thanks to this design, the driver also has the high seating position of one met expectations in the SUV class offers.
Mercedes-Benz GLA 200
In the cabin, A Series is seen when the partnership is maintained. The same cockpit design of the bodywork, as does the modern and powerful. When you feel good, seat material quality lines in cockpits are backwall material quality is decreasing. The quality of the craftsmanship is hard to find flaws. Is the car’s broken ground or even overly flexible bends from the interior plastic çıtırtısı doesn’t sound. Front seats offered adequate living space for tall car, are not easy to reach the back seats aren’t that comfortable. Living space-constrained due to the narrow glass in the rear seats makes me feel gloomy. In this case, the optional panoramic glass roof that can be taken to $ 4.732 any semblance of commuting.
Mercedes-Benz GLA 200-2
The high ground with bodywork GLA, A Series, giving a comfortable ride than the experience. More is not too harsh, modasser suspension system broken floors so disturbing is not a driving experience. Hardness, good hard cornering with the adjusted suspension system in automobile by excessive yawning does not create uneasiness. The sensitivity of the steering system is sufficient. Net routing requests to the clients. Extremely hard not to lose points from comfort House structure gets in the way. Transmission also have settings indicating the car’s driving character integrity. 7 speed double clutch automatic transmission fluid gear decisions that negatively affect the driving comfort of responding.
Mercedes-Benz GLA 200-3
Remaining calm in a standard location in the gear shift transmission, front console with buttons in the S function is selected more serial switching gears are. 7 g-DCT, flexibility test, by request of sudden acceleration stop responding, 1,6 lt 156 HP of engine not shades. 1250 with 4000 RPM is reached between 250 Nm maximum torque, thanks to its era, high torque, wide speed range of the etk feels the. 0100 km/h acceleration test data A 200 7 g-DCT y e (8.7 sec) is very close. When looking at fuel consumption 7.0 l/100 km as average test evaluating the economic consumption. When the choice of exit out of Sport mode eco mode fuel consumption 9.0 l/100 km to the levels he tends to rise.
Mercedes-Benz GLA 200-4
Front-wheel drive, the GLA 200, four wheel drive does not have the option to. But the GLA in 4 wheel
traction with off-road capability is desired, the AMG version, except it has options that could meet demand. The purpose of the AMG’s all-wheel drive system not power efficiently off-road in transferred holding. Petrol engine, four-wheel drive system in Turkey yet, except for 45 GLA AMG price not included in the list are offered in 250 of GLA 211 HP. Price list non-2143 cc diesel engine, 4MATIC option (s) that are online.
GLA 200, a high driving position, wanting to move to reach city compact premium class is a car that can satisfy customers. Mercedes-Benz GLK’s 2.0 l and on the cylinder with engine options due to the GLA can reach almost half price to be Mercedes-Benz will create a new customer to the audience. But BMW X 1 sDrive16i 108,858 of TL, Audi Q3 123.087 of TL 1.4 tfsi start prices, in the face of strong alternatives tools makes the GLA. Even 1,6 lt 143 HP of the BMW X 3sDrive20i‘s the price $ 154,200 GLA 200 Edition 1 test agents across only 5 percent is expensive.