Seat Ibiza 2016

Seat Ibiza 2016

Seat Ibiza 2016

New 2016 Seat Ibiza offers a fun driving pleasure and new efficient engine options; with this features it strengthen the place among its class.

This new and equipped with innovative technology Seat takes its place in showrooms. Ibiza is the most successful model with the over 5 million sales in 30 years all over the world. For 2016 Seat Ibiza efficiency, quality and safety is improved as well as technical properties.

New engines, personal hardware options, additional security systems and renovated infotainment system make the Ibiza family one of the best and most functional car in this class. Comfort is improved with technical properties and also comfort and quality of interior space is increased too.

2016 Seat Ibiza has LED daytime running lights, 16, and 17-inch rim design and new Moonstone Silver and Chili Red color options.

The interior design of 2016 Seat Ibiza is totally can customize. You can show special details from steering wheels, grille, dashboard and radio. New interface is increased to technological features of car.

New 2016 Seat Ibiza is so colorful! With new color packages moving to customization a new level. This compact car is developed perfectly to fit your life style. Color packages are also includes Bismuth and Velvet colors. Titanium gray and black are among choices. This car has a suitable color Package everyone!

Each color package comes with appropriate upholstery colors. The exterior design items like aluminum alloy rims, front grille surround and door mirrors of 2016 Seat Ibiza is designed with same color choice to obtain harmony. The details of flooring, ventilation grille frames, steering wheel and gear lever is included in color packages too.

2016 Seat Ibiza has fatigue detection system that makes necessary warnings when detect decreases in the concentration of the driver. Another new security system is secondary collision brake. It is used for release the kinetic energy of car after collision.

2016 Seat Ibiza