Know More About Selena Gomez’s Car: The BMW X5 M

Know More About Selena Gomez’s Car: The BMW X5 M

Selena Gomez And Her Car

Selena Gomez is one of the most famous singing sensations in the worlds today, and just as people are enthralled by her choice in fashion and accessories.

Celebrity Cars: Selena Gomez

Celebrities are a topic of obsession for people the world over. Whatever they wear, whatever brand they sport immediately becomes a favorite among people.

Selena Gomez, who started out as a Disney star, is now a name to reckon with in the singing world. Although earlier she had been seen driving around an old Ford Escape, she has recently spotted in a BMW X5 M, which is a nice upgrade from the Ford.

So now they are also keen on learning more about her latest choice in the automobile world.

More About The BMX X5 M

With the giant 21-inch wheels and the twin turbo thumps, the BMW X5 M has the ability to reach up to 60.0 mph in nothing more than 4.0 seconds.

It is one of the most daunting celebrity cars out there for sure. Because of the fact that it belongs to the much acclaimed M series from BMW, this car can be handled with ease and confidence, no matter what the terrain you are driving in.

Best SUV Options

Celebrities have always expressed a bias towards strong and sturdy SUVs and the BMW X5 M is certainly one of those celebrity cars which are strong, sturdy and also good looking. Starting as $99,650, you too can own the car which is proudly owned by Selena Gomez.


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