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Celebrity cars - George Clooney and his car

Check Out The Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1: George Clooney’s Choice

George Clooney And His Car Check Out The Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1: George Clooney’s Choice ... If you are interested in the rides that celebs choose to invest in, then the name of George Clooney is sure to crop up. Know more about the Chevrole...

Celebrity cars - Selena Gomez and her car

Know More About Selena Gomez’s Car: The BMW X5 M

Selena Gomez And Her Car Selena Gomez is one of the most famous singing sensations in the worlds today, and just as people are enthralled by her choice in fashion and accessories. Celebrity Cars: Selena Gomez Celebrities are a topic of obses...

Celebrity Cars - Cristiano Ronaldo and his cars

Cristiano Ronaldo: Passionate Collector Of Cars

Cristiano Ronaldo And His Cars When talking about one of the worlds most celebrated football stars, it is natural that his car(s) too will come into focus. He has various types of cars in his collection. This collection makes him also the star o...

Celebrity cars - celebrities and automobiles

Get Yourself The Choice Of Celebrities When It Comes To Cars

Car Choices Of Celebrities No one can doubt celebrities and their choices, because after all they can have whatever they please, and not restricted by such considerations as budget. So if they have faith on any car brand they must collect their ...

Celebrity cars - celebrities and automobiles

What Cars Do Celebrities And Sports Personalities Choose?

Celebrities and Their Cars A lot of people are interested in the car and automobile choice of celebrities. In fact, whatever they touch gains brand value. You can check out some of the popular automotive choices of celebrities. Celebrity Cars ...