2016 Ford Taurus SHO Release Date

2016 Ford Taurus SHO  Release Date

Ford’s long-lasting Taurus model is expecting its seventh reincarnation starting from the 2016 model year. The fifth best-selling vehicle in Ford’s history has become too hefty and inefficient to battle its numerous rivals. The modified Volvo platform that’s currently underpinning the Taurus and its high-performance version the Tarus SHO has become outdated and needs a replacement as soon as possible. An industry source has revealed that the 2016 Ford Taurus SHO, as well as the regular Taurus, will be based on a front-wheel drive platform that underpins the Ford Fusion.

2016 Ford Taurus SHO Specs

The 2016 Ford Taurus SHO is expected to solve the overweight issue of its predecessor. Even the powerful V6 EcoBoost with its 365 horsepower can’t cope with the current Taurus SHO’s 4,455 pounds, almost as much as the considerably bigger Audi A8 L. So, it’s no surprise that the Ford’s engineers have been set with the task of reducing the 2016 Taurus SHO’s weight substantially. To that end, the Fusion platform will be stretched and widened, while the wheelbase and the rear overhang should be lengthened. The trouble with the old Volvo platform, which debuted on the 2005 Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego, was in the fact that Ford replaced the aluminum components used by the Swedish automaker with the heavier steel ones. It’s been rumored lately that the new-generation Taurus is likely to follow in the footsteps of the new F-150 that uses aluminum body panels in an effort to lose as much weight as possible.


The engine that will drive 2016 Ford Taurus

For now, there will be no changes when it comes to a choice of engines.It should remain the same as in the current model.The basic model will run a 3.5-liter V6 engine.It is able to produce an output of 288Hp and torque of 254 lb / ft.In addition to this offer will include both 3.5-liter engine but EcoBoost version.Will develop a little more power than the first motor.It will produce 365HP and torque of 350 lb / ft.Fans of low power consumption and quieter ride will be able to opt for a third motor.It is a 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine with an output of 240HP and torque of 270 lb / ft.With the engines should be concluded 9-speed automatic transmission.More powerful V6 engines will have all-wheel drive.Since the engines will not change, but the body will, we will see what will be the average consumption.For now in combined ride it is 23mpg.Unfortunately, the more detailed information on the 2016 Ford Taurus SHO is yet to be revealed. The all-new Taurus is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of 2015.

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