2015 Dacia Logan

2015 Dacia Logan

The collaborative effect of the French and the Rumanian companies: try out the Dacia Logan

The gorgeous Dacia Logan is not just a by-product of the collaboration between the Dacia motors, and the Renault Company, but it is an exclusive variety of sedan which is ready to make you go weak in your knees. It was first displayed at the grand motor exhibition at Geneva in 2014. This will not be a completely new one, but it will certainly have some upgraded features.

Specific details about why you should aim at it:

  • The frontal portion will consist of two chromatic grilled exterior grids, having a mesh under the design
  • The signature style in writing Dacia will be located at the middle
  • The back lights, head lights and the rear view mirror will have the all new refurbished look
  • The mist lights will be captured on plastic framed structures
  • The display, audio system, and the grand navigation monitor will also be revamped, and the sound quality will take away the boredom of your lonely journey
  • It is speculated that the 2015 version of the Dacia Logan will have a petrol engine of 16 V, which can channelize only up to 75 Horsepower. But if you want to buy the diesel engine versions, then you will be glad to get a total output capacity of 90 Horsepower

The interiors

The compact hatchback seats, airbag facility, sunroof glass, designer gear box, multicoloured display, and high definition surround sound quality are enough to make you crave for this car.

The basic model will cost about 6000 Euro, and it can go up to 11k Euro. It is dated to release in the early part of 2015.

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