2015 Bentley SUV review and price

2015 Bentley SUV review and price

The dream vacation spent with the dream car- the Bentley SUV

It is very true that the Bentley has been considered to be the dream car of millions. It is no exception in case of the 2015 SUV version also. With the finest assortment of colours, increased torque, turbo mechanism, giant wheel base and glossy exterior, the Bentley is ready to hit the world market very soon.


The car meant for the tough guys and adventurous gals!

This car is a great competitor for the early and the contemporary sedans all over the world. The twin turbo engine with four cylinder system and the V8 type is the perfect choice for the people who wish to ride in style. With the all new engineered features, this Bentley product is the other name for the exotic spirit. The frontal part boasts of the rectangular grid structure, and this classic choice can instantly spoil you when it comes to the cosy interiors. The rear gate or the tail gate opens in two halves.


2015 Bentley SUV engines

2015 Bentley SUV under its hood must have a strong machine to properly run this SUV. That place will likely occupy the same engine as in the Continental GT model. It is a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine that will develop the power of 560Hp and a whopping torque of 479lb/ft. The second is a slightly weaker 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an output of 500Hp and torque of 487lb/ft. Both engines are combined with a double-clutch and eight speed automatic transmission.


The final countdown:

The LED lights and the strong fog lights are just the perfect helpers on a cold windy night. The exhaust fumes are easily let off through the giant-sized funnels, which leaves no room for contamination of the atmosphere. The Polaroid displays, the cooling capacity and the interior made of wooden and calf-skin leather embellishments really make you go crazy for this car.

The Bentley SUV is scheduled to release in the first months of 2015, and the price can start from approximately 200,000 Dollars.